Autonomy and Accountability

The Board believes that best results will be achieved when each school’s Local Governing Body is entirely autonomous, whilst able to access and receive support where needed. Therefore there will simply be basic monitoring through school to school visits and analysis of school level data, where a school is Good or Outstanding.

However, the steering group and Educational Improvement Consultant will work to ensure that where a member school is in danger of going into an Ofsted category, preventative measures and support are provided.  Equally, if a school were to go into category then there will be close supervision of the school by the EIC, HT Steering Group and Trust Board to ensure that a quick and effective solution from within the Trust can be found.

Termly reports against objectives, key actions and milestones in the action plan will be made by the identified leaders to the Coastal Alliance Trust Board, three times a year. In addition, all schools and partners are clearly accountable for the contribution they make to the trust, evaluating and reporting their school’s progress in achieving the Co-operative Trust Values through an annual RAG rated spreadsheet, reported to the Trust board.

If partners or schools do not make sufficient contribution then the board would hold them accountable and if necessary consider their future in the trust, obviously taking into account any mitigating circumstances.