Forward Looking Trust

Joining a forward looking Trust  – Attracting Schools

The Coastal Alliance Cooperative Trust is already a large and successful organization. A key strength is the close geographical proximity of all our schools and partners. However, if a school wished to join us, was suitably close to the Whitstable and Herne Bay area and was prepared to subscribe to our cooperative values, then we would seriously consider their potential membership of our trust. If additional partners were interested on a similar basis, we would also consider them.

As a strong trust of good and outstanding schools and partners, we are in a position to provide support for other schools outside of the trust should the need arise. We would be open to approaches from such schools and would evaluate them on an individual basis.

The Trust board will ultimately agree which schools will benefit from joining the Trust and which schools we will support. For these types of schools we will also offer the following as a way of attracting them into our Trust.

  • A flexible scheme of delegation enables the Governors and Headteacher to continue to lead and manage the school with full autonomy
  • A chance to generate income & lead our school improvement by offering school to school support
  • CPD for all staff through common training day and network groups
  • An opportunity for Headteacher and Chair of Governors to have equal representation on the Trust Board
  • Minimal financial commitment, agreed according to pupil numbers
  • Stability in a fast changing educational landscape
  • Access to shared discounts, services & economies of scale

CACoT 2017 Assessment Data

Above the national in all areas with an increasing positive difference from the start of primary education through to the end reflecting accelerated progress.