Leadership & Governance

  • We have developed a Trust structure which is properly representative of all members and stakeholders, will represent external partners appropriately and will enable all of our schools to be represented equitably. All of this is overseen by the Trust Board. The diagram below represents the relationships in the Trust between the membership, the Trust schools and their Governing Bodies and the Trust’s initial additional partners.


  • The Trust Board’s remit is to ensure the Cooperative values are maintained and developed through the work of the Alliance action plan and to strategically develop 2 way partnerships. As a charitable Trust our Board ensures that they comply with charity and company law requirements.


  • The HT steering group has the role of providing a clear focus on improvement across all Alliance Trust schools, and doing some of the background work more suited to a smaller group discussion, before being brought to either the Trust Board or the HT Network. The HT steering group is elected by the HT Network, ensuring representation from both Whitstable and Herne Bay, and from Infant, Junior and Secondary schools.


  • The HT Network is made up of all the CACoT schools’ Headteachers and is led by the elected Chair of  the HT steering group, with the Education Improvement Consultant invited to strengthen practice and provide the group with updates on local and national initatives, invited speakers and training. The purpose of this is to provide collaborative support for HTs in overcoming local challenges to raising achievement.


  • Teachers attend subject network groups in our Network Meetings week. These networks are run by designated headteachers and the Education Improvement Consultant, their remit is to work operationally on actions in the network plan to improve the achievement and wellbeing of Coastal pupils.


  • We have established a Children and Parents Trust Forum, representing parents, staff and the local community, elected from the various membership types. These Forums will help to hold the Trust to account, to shape policies and would appoint 2 parent trustees to the Trust Board. Children also have a voice through the Coastal Alliance Schools Parliament which is comprised of representatives from individual School Councils, and some of these attend Board meetings to share their views with the Board (annually as a minimum).


In putting this together we intend to build on existing governance arrangements whilst creating a structure which is realistic. We have no wish to create an unwieldy and bureaucratic structure that is not fit for purpose.



 Leadership structure

As a democratic organisation, the majority of our posts are elected positions, with limits of tenure, succession planning and equal and fair representation to ensure this. Outside of the meetings, the work of the trust is conducted by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Trust Board, Chair and Vice Chair of the HT Steering Group, all of whom are supported by a CACoT administrator (supporting the Trust Board, including clerking), a Project Manager (supporting the HT Steering Group) and the Alliance Business Manager (dealing with all financial matters and providing financial reports to the Trust Board). The trust does not have any employees as those in these roles are released by their schools to do this work, who in turn are compensated for this, or are used on a consultancy basis.