As a Trust we have clear strategic aims built on our shared vision of Standing Together: Together Outstanding and our shared cooperative values. Our trust action plan sets out the following objectives to ensure that we have a clear and transparent approach shared with all partners and school representatives at our Trust Board.

Our objectives for 2016-19 will focus on:-

Objective 1 – To strengthen the leadership capacity of the Coastal Alliance as it moves to Co-operative Trust status by:-

  • Providing a clearly defined structure for the Trust
  • Developing formal Terms of Reference for each key group
  • Allocating sufficient quality time for key leaders to work effectively on behalf of the Trust members.
  • Incorporating dedicated professional headship time to allow for further role development

Objective 2 – To build capacity for school reviews and other forms of quality assurance that impact positively on narrowing gaps between the outcomes of disadvantaged and other pupils by:-

  • EIC working with identified senior leaders to undertake focused reviews as CPD and for school support.
  • Steering groups (middle leaders) for core subject networks to work together with lead teachers to plan opportunities for subject moderation.

Objective 3 – Increasing the accuracy of the monitoring and analysis of data to give a more focused direction to the Trust by:-

  • Moderating judgements in Trust schools’ cohorts
  • Producing regular written reports on the analysis of schools’ data for Trust Board

Objective 4 – Raising achievement at the ends of Key Stages EYFS, 1, 2 and 4 through continued improvement of classroom practice across all schools by:-

  • Clear focus on the improving teaching of the core subjects including science through the network systems – Steering groups (middle leaders) for core subject networks to work together.
  • Further development of the network system of CPD for all schools.
  • Ensuring time is given for Coastal Alliance children to have opportunities to enjoy creative learning together.
  • Building on the success of the previous Common Training Days.