School Improvement

School Improvement Strategy:

We know our schools well, and are able to have an overview of them, both individually and collectively. This knowledge will be verified by data analysis, looking at all documentation including ASP and Ofsted reports and undertaking school to school visits. The approach will be to work with the schools, taking full account of their own self-evaluation and identified priorities. We will also establish with schools and partners their own areas of strength and expertise that can be shared across the trust and in particular, the skills of staff within our schools and partners.

Education Improvement Consultant:

Our Education Improvement Consultant (similar to a school improvement partner) will be responsible for quality assuring any support given to schools. We have also engaged with the EDT pilot of the Schools Partnership Programme where schools leaders are trained to conduct school to school reviews in a recognized, effective and consistent way, with School Improvement Champions to follow up the findings of the visits. All schools will engage in school to school support, both to receive it and to conduct it. This will provide excellent opportunities for leadership development for key personnel in our schools. This partnership work isĀ  fundamental to our ethos and to driving school improvement.